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Show Notes: Founders Fight Club Cast Episode #3

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Charlotte Strohmeier is an artist, illustrator and psychologist creating so-called “Biz Pictures” in cooperation with companies. These pictures can depict in-house processes as well as the products they sell or communicate other relevant information. She shares anecdotes of her professional life and her view on creativity with us.

At the Founders Fight Club Cast we interview extraordinary “coaches” from different industries about StartUps, innovation and everything else.

Time stamps:

01:35 - Charlottes’ self view and the essence of her work

02:36 - How Charlotte works with customers

05:34 - The difficulty of unlearning in-house use of speech

07:16 - Bearer of bad news vs. constructive revealing of contradictions

08:47 - Charlotte’s client base

09:40 - Better communication through The Biz Picture

12:24 - Recap Gymtalk

14:28 - How to guide and include workshop participants creatively

16:52 - How important perfect drawing skills actually are

17:48 - Using The Biz Picture as an internal or external conversation starter

24:48 - The psychology of drawing

How to find Charlotte: http://www.thebizpicture.de/

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