Future of Work - Going Out of 2019 with a BANG!

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As the end of 2019 is nearing, we're glad to provide you with the hottest HR and Future of Work News!

Let's start with some predictions for the upcoming 2020:

1.) In 2020, robots, Chatbots and virtual agents are taking over more than a million of knowledge-work jobs. [Forbes]

2) According to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, soft skills are the future of human-based jobs. As technology and digital transformation are advancing, human interaction and touch remain capabilities with staying power. [QUARTZatWORK]

3) There is a dire need for a new way of organizational agility which will impact work culture, work environment and workforce inevitably, building a bridge between now and a more automated future. [IDC]

But wait, there is more....

  • Bloomberg is predicting that more robots will globally lead to over 120 million workers being retrained in the next three years - advancement in AI doesn't necessarily only mean the disruption of jobs, but also the creation of new ones....
  • According to the HR Federation 2019 HCM Trends Report has global HR technology venture capital topped $3.1 billion this year, three times more than in 2017. Here are 5 Ways how AI and Automation are driving change in the world of HR [talentculture]



The path to success: Four Traits for the win

Phil Kleweno outlines the four traits that help leadership teams bring real results: inclusion, trust, commitment and the greater good. He believes that these could lead any business to outperform their competition. Read more...



How do you interview?!

Facebook, Instacart, Libra & Co. are sharing their favourite interview questions to mesh up the recruitment game just a little bit more. Wanna find out how you could recruit the right cultural fit for your brand? Let these game changers teach you! [FirstRoundReview]



Telecommuting - Change in the face of urban development?

New alternatives of work spaces are changing the face of Real Estate in bigger cities, plus they're impacting people's design choices, co-living and remote work choices. Here are Seven Ways of how Telecommuting is changing the market [NewYorkTimes]



P for Power - How does Purpose affect Performance?

Bringing purpose to life requires the discipline to roll it out across the company and a relentless focus on achieving tangible results. Purpose creates a sense of meaning, inspiring employees and unlocking discretionary efforts to transform and grow. BCG is showing how to harness the power of purpose in order to improve general performance.



Azeem Azhar: Why You Should Care about the Future of Work

Listen to Azeem Azhar's analysis and perspectives about the Future of Work and its importance for the individual, human networks, urban and market developments, the gig economy and many more relevant topics. Listen here...

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